3 Reason Why You Must Visit Pasuruan at Least Once in Your Life pt.1

Have you heard about Pasuruan City? or Regency of Pasuruan? Maybe you directly associated Pasuruan with industry, since Pasuruan is industrial center in East Java or you associated with “begal” (Vehicle robber)? if you agree with that statement, maybe you will never found the uniqueness of this region. This is 3 main reason why you should visit Pasuruan at least once in your life.

  1. Marvelous and Diverse Culture and Ethnic

Bromo is not the only one tourism object in Pasuruan that well-known by its traditional javanese culture and ritual, if we look closer to this region we will find various ethnic and culture. i will bring you to Gempol district. Gempol is closer to Sidoarjo rather than to Bangil as the capital city of Pasuruan regency. We can find lot of hindu temple and statue as the legacy of Majapahit kingdom in the past. This region will make your visitation to Pasuruan unforgettable. Pasuruan Region has diverse ethnic and tribe, we can find most of arabic family here especially in Bangil but majority people is Javanese. Here lived about 4 different tribe; Javanese, Madurese, Arabic and Chinese.

Move to Pasuruan city. In this Region, we can find different culture. Pasuruan city used to be an Harbour in colonial era. The Dutch first established fort at Pasuruan in1707. it was the capital og residency from 1811 to 1934. Since this town was a trade center, the number of deutsch population grew bigger and they established many industry include sugar, forestry and Copper. Now, Pasuruan city has P3GI or Indonesian Sugar Research Center with the European style building from colonial era.

  • P3GI in Pasuruan city now

Sugar Research Center first established on July, 9 1887 in Colonial era, named “Proefstation Oost Java (POJ)”. Suikerindustrie (Sugar Industry) established to do research about market of the sugar in Europe and became the pioneer of International Society of Sugarcane Technologist (ISSCT). Association for worldwide sugarcane Technologist that focused on sugar cultivation technology.

We can hang in this city just to hunt the colonial heritage all day long, without feeling bored. Pasuruan city is combination of Dutch style and Chinese style, if you have visited all of the dutch building, maybe you can continue to Chinese culture. Since Pasuruan was a trade center, Chinese also came to this city and built their own legacy. one of Chinese heritage is School and Chinese temple called Klenteng Tjioe Tik Kiong. As Tourist we also invited to join several Chinese Celebration here, even Muslims able to be the part of celebration.

  • PYF guided Tourists from Singapore to visit Klenteng Tjioe Tik Kiong

Tobe Continue to next part.

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